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Defender LL6070 Low Level CO Monitor


The Defender LL6070 is a professional quality, sealed lithium battery powered low level carbon monoxide monitor designed for residential and commercial installations. Continuously displays CO levels detected of 5 ppm or more. Visual alert signals are automatically activated at 10 ppm, and audible and visual alarm signals at 15 ppm. Secure mounting system and non-removable batteries. Complies with the National Healthy Housing Standard, and ACGIH, Cal/OSHA, NIOSH and OSHA workplace exposure limits.

Download Product Brochure (PDF, 163kB)
Download Quick Start Guide (PDF, 558kB)
Download User Manual and Warranty (PDF, 391kB)

  The Health Risks of Low CO Exposure
The Environmental Protection Agency warns that exposure to low levels of CO can cause long-term health damage, even after the CO source is removed.  Those at high risk include the elderly, pregnant women, young children and persons with medical conditions.  Low CO levels are defined as below 30 ppm.

Protect Your Health
The risks associated with CO exposure increase with time.  The Defender LL6070 automatically displays the current CO level detected as low as 5 ppm, and manually displays the highest CO level detected from 5-500 ppm, and for how long the peak CO level was detected.

Protect Your Safety
CO is invisible and odorless.  CO detectors may be removed and disabled by employees, guests or children when an alarm is activated but nothing is seen or smelled.  The Defender LL6070 is safely secured with a screw through the monitor into its mounting plate, and the factory preinstalled lithium batteries are non-removable.

Protect Your Investment
The three-year Defender LL6070 Low Level and Commercial CO Monitor warranty covers both the monitor and its batteries.

100% Tested
The Defender LL6070 is 100% tested at seven different carbon monoxide levels during production.  Complies with the National Healthy Housing Standard, and ACGIH, Cal/OSHA, NIOSH and OSHA workplace exposure limits.

Ideal for helping to protect residents and workers in single and multi-family dwellings, nursing homes, daycare facilities, hospitals, hotels/motels, schools, banks, offices, retail stores, restaurants and other commercial applications.

  Product Features  

• Sealed Lithium Battery Powered Low Level and Commercial CO Monitor
• Two Non-Removable Batteries with Soldered Connections
• Automatic and Manual Battery Activation
• Accurate and Reliable Water-Based Electrochemical Sensor
• Integrated Filter for Removing Nuisance Gases
• Samples for Carbon Monoxide (CO) Every 5 Seconds
• Large Easy-to-Read Alpha-Numeric Digital LCD Display
• Automatically Displays Current CO Level Detected from 5 PPM to 500 PPM
• Automatic Visual Alert Signals when 10 PPM or More is Detected
• Automatic Audible and Visual Alarm Signals when 15 PPM or More is Detected
• Manually Displays Peak CO Level Detected from 5 PPM to 500 PPM
• Manually Displays Duration of Peak CO Level from 0 to 999 Minutes
• Separate Display and Test Buttons
• Separate Alarm, Power and Service LED’s
• Audible and Visual Alarm Signals
• Instant Test/Reset/Mute Feature
• Internal Microprocessor Monitors Sensor Function
• Auto. Alert when Alarm Reaches End of its Life
• Operating Temperature and Humidity: 40°F to 100°F at 10% to 95% RH
• Durable Flame Retardant ABS Construction
• Three Year Factory Warranty for Monitor and Batteries
• Manufactured in Canada

  Display Memory Data  

• Highest (peak) carbon monoxide level detected within the last 30 days from 5 to 500 ppm
• The total length of time the highest CO level was detected, within 10% of the peak, from 1 to 999 minutes

  Display, Alert and Alarm Times and Signals  

• Ultra Low Level Display Time: 5 ppm within 1 minute
• Low Level Visual Alert Time: 10 ppm within 10 minutes
• Low Level Audible Alert Time: 15 ppm within 60 minutes
• Low Level Alarm Time: 25 ppm within 30 minutes
• Mid Level Alarm Time: 50 ppm within 15 minutes
• High Level Alarm Times: 100 ppm within 5 minutes; 150 ppm within 3 minutes
• Visual Alert and Alarm Signals: Current CO level detected and flashing Red Alarm LED
• Audible 85dB Pulsating Alarm Signal: 4 beeps every 5 or 60 seconds
• Display Resolution: 1 PPM
• Display Accuracy: ±15%, plus ±2% each succeeding year, or 5 PPM, whichever is greater, from 20 to 500 PPM @ 50% RH, 72°F ±5°
• Because CO sensors typically lose sensitivity over time, it is recommended that this low level and commercial CO monitor be replaced every three years in order to maintain display accuracy as close to specified as possible. The CO monitor must be replaced every three years if compliance with ACGIH, Cal/OSHA or NIOSH is required.
• The sensor and display accuracy may be affected by environmental conditions and other circumstances beyond manufacturer's control

  Security Features  

• Factory Sealed Lithium Batteries are Non-Removable
• Automatic Battery Activation when Alarm is Attached to Mounting Plate
• Integral Restraint Secures Alarm with Phillips Screw through Alarm Body into Mounting Plate

  Testing and Standards  

• 100% Tested: Every Defender LL6070 is 100% tested at seven different carbon monoxide levels during production.
• National Healthy Housing Compliant: The National Healthy Housing Standard warns that CO present at or above 30 ppm when measured over one hour, or above nine ppm measured over eight hours, should be deemed hazardous. The LL6070 activates a visual alert at 10 PPM within 10 minutes of detection, and a visual and audible alarm at 25 PPM within 30 minutes of detection.
• ACGIH, Cal/OSHA, NIOSH and OSHA Compliant: The LL6070 is designed to activate audible and visual alarm signals before the ACGIH, Cal/OSHA, NIOSH or OSHA area exposure limits are reached. See Table of CO Exposure Limits.

NOTE: The UL 2034 Standard for Residential Single and Multiple Station Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms does not permit UL Listed CO alarms to activate an alarm signal at CO levels below 30 PPM. The Defender LL6070 is designed to comply with ACGIH, Cal/OSHA, NIOSH and OSHA exposure limits, and to provide added protection for the elderly, pregnant women, young children, and persons with medical conditions who may be more vulnerable to lower levels of CO, and is not UL Listed. When installed in residential applications, the Defender LL6070 Low Level and Commercial CO Monitor is intended to supplement, not replace, a UL Listed CO alarm, like the Defender CA6150.

  Shipping and Packaging  

• Monitor Color: White
• Monitor Size: 5½" x 3Ύ" x 1⅜"
• Monitor Weight: 8 oz
• Unit Boxed Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 2½"
• Unit Boxed Weight: 12 oz.
• Contractor Pack: 6, 12 or 24 units
• Shipping Carton Dimensions: 22" x 11" x 11" (24 units)
• Shipping Carton Weight: 19 lbs (24 units)
• Distribution Centers: California and Ontario

  *Specifications are subject to change without notice.  
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